Who is Anders Breivik?


Breivik’s crime has a profoundly symbolic value.

The massacre on the island of Utøya is a concrete manifestation of the destructive nature of the ruling order.

Breivik is the authentic product of contemporary capitalism.

He is one of the crusaders of a „new world order“ based on the ruling principle of monopolistic capitalism: „Destroy the competition!“

The most powerful American and European capitalist circles do not hide the fact that their goal is to annihilate billions of „surplus“ people.

How many „Breiviks“ are there in NATO uniforms?

The „problem“ is that Breivik killed independently.

If he were a NATO mercenary slaughtering children and pregnant women in Afghanistan, he would be praised as a „fighter for democracy“.

His crime indicates that the destructive potential of capitalism may turn against the society in which it was generated and that the ruling establishment cannot keep it under control.

Breivik is „mentaly sick“ just as are Bush, Clinton, Blair, Merkel, Sarkozy, Obama; just as are the owners of the American military industry and NATO commanders; just as are hundreds of thousands of scientists who manufacture the most atrocious mass-killing devices; just as are the bloodthirsty journalists of the most powerful media concerns; just as are the capitalist petty bourgeoisie, who are capable of committing the most horrible crimes in order to protect their standard of living…

Breivik demonstrated the fascist potential of capitalist „democracy“.

He did what tens of millions of capitalist zealots all over Europe and America would like to do.

He is their „hero“.

The trial in Norway is not intended to convict Breivik; its purpose is rather to conceal the true nature of capitalism.


Translated from Serbian by Vesna Todorović

English translation supervisor Mick Collins

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