ArhivaMarch 2019

200 years have passed since the birth of Karl Marx


An interview with Ljubodrag Duci Simonovic regarding 200 years since the birth of Karl Marx.

Topics include:

  • Marx as the most important thinker of workers’ struggle for freedom
  • Marx’s idea of communism as the idea without which the future is not possible
  • Destruction of emancipatory heritage of humanity and visionary consciousness
  • Marx’s shortcomings (overlooking the genocidal and ecocidal nature of capitalism in the works of Charles Fourier and the letter of Chief of Seattle)
  • Critique of myth of the development of productive forces
  • Conspiracy theories regarding Marx, Engels and Lenin and demonization of Marx (Marx’s supposed anti-semitism, Engels’s supposed hatred towards Slavs, Marx as “Satanist” etc.)
  • Frankfurt School ruining the political dimension of Marx’s theory
  • Christian acceptance of genocide of Native Americans and crimes committed in the name of Christian God
  • Analysis of catastrophic situation in Germany (lifeless rivers, widespread cancer, increase in poverty, unnecessary surgeries for profit)
  • Wide use of carcinogenic Glyphosate in Germany as a result of unreported deals between German auto manufacturers and Monsanto
  • Social-democratic project of the Western European capitalists as the strategy to keep workers obedient and to prevent the revolution
  • The need for the new critique of capitalism based on its ecocidal and genocidal nature
  •  Importance of the October Revolution and the USSR in preventing the genocide over Slavs and other Asian and African peoples

Дуцијева порука поводом двадесете годишњице од НАТО агресије на Србију


Дуцијева порука поводом двадесете годишњице од НАТО агресије на Србију.

Линк ка видео прилогу на YouTube. Видео прилог можете скинути преко овог сајта.

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