200 years have passed since the birth of Karl Marx


An interview with Ljubodrag Duci Simonovic regarding 200 years since the birth of Karl Marx.

Topics include:

  • Marx as the most important thinker of workers’ struggle for freedom
  • Marx’s idea of communism as the idea without which the future is not possible
  • Destruction of emancipatory heritage of humanity and visionary consciousness
  • Marx’s shortcomings (overlooking the genocidal and ecocidal nature of capitalism in the works of Charles Fourier and the letter of Chief of Seattle)
  • Critique of myth of the development of productive forces
  • Conspiracy theories regarding Marx, Engels and Lenin and demonization of Marx (Marx’s supposed anti-semitism, Engels’s supposed hatred towards Slavs, Marx as “Satanist” etc.)
  • Frankfurt School ruining the political dimension of Marx’s theory
  • Christian acceptance of genocide of Native Americans and crimes committed in the name of Christian God
  • Analysis of catastrophic situation in Germany (lifeless rivers, widespread cancer, increase in poverty, unnecessary surgeries for profit)
  • Wide use of carcinogenic Glyphosate in Germany as a result of unreported deals between German auto manufacturers and Monsanto
  • Social-democratic project of the Western European capitalists as the strategy to keep workers obedient and to prevent the revolution
  • The need for the new critique of capitalism based on its ecocidal and genocidal nature
  •  Importance of the October Revolution and the USSR in preventing the genocide over Slavs and other Asian and African peoples

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