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Ukraine crisis – Opening of pandora’s box


„The truth is the totality.” – this proposition was central to the creation of Hegel’s own system of dialectics. It enables us to realize the true nature of the Ukrainian crisis.

Essentially, the crisis in Ukraine is an expression of the contemporary existential dilemma foisted on the world by the American “New World Order”. The nature of that order conditions the relation of the West to Russia and, in that context, the relation of the West to Ukraine and the Ukrainian citizens. America caused the crisis in Ukraine in order to enforce a “resolution of the crisis” that will enable it to achieve its strategic interests with respect to Russia and Europe. The real objective of America’s “resolution of the crisis” in Ukraine is to create a crisis on the European continent that will lead to the weakening of both Russia and the leading European countries and the strengthening of America’s position in both military and economic terms. The creation of a military corridor around Russia and the isolation of Russia from Europe and, at the same time, the integration of Europe into the American economic system – these are the two strategic goals that directly affect the way in which America is trying to “resolve” the Ukraine crisis. While Russia wants Ukraine to be a bridge of cooperation between Europe and Russia, America seeks to turn Ukraine into an insurmountable barrier between Russia and Europe.

As far as economic relations are concerned, it is not about the current economic exchange between Europe and Russia, but about the extraordinary opportunities for the development of economic cooperation between Russia and Europe. America is heading for economic collapse. The integration of Europe into the economic machinery of the USA would restore America’s economic power and, at the same time, inhibit Russia’s economic expansion, which is, largely, based on economic and scientific cooperation with Europe.

If we analyze the effects of American foreign policy during the last twenty years, we can see that America, with its “humanitarian interventions”, is not striving to conquer, but to destroy countries and peoples. America’s destructive practice is conditioned by the fact that America is no longer capable of ruling the world. It is no longer the most powerful global economic power, and very soon it will no longer be the most powerful military power. Russia, China, India, Brazil, Belarus, Iran, South America, Venezuela, Cuba…. – these are the countries that are successfully opposing American imperialism. Today, America’s actions resemble those of Nazi Germany after its defeat at Stalingrad and Kursk, when Hitler became aware that his army could not defeat the Red Army and destroy the USSR. The Germans resorted to “scorched earth” tactics. Led by the most loyal of Hitler’s generals, Walter Model, the Germans destroyed 70 000 villages, 1710 towns, 2766 churches and monasteries, 4000 libraries and 427 museums, 32 000 factories in the Soviet Union – and killed over 27 million of its citizens. What the Nazis and the German army did in the USSR, the NATO army and American mercenaries reprised in Serbia, Bosnia, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria…

What drives America to act in such a destructive manner is the increasing existential crisis that threatens the very survival of the USA. The fact that America has lost its position as a global “leader” is inevitably reflected in the instability and the dim future of American capitalism. Just as Hitler’s regime managed to ensure the support of the German people by conquering new “living space” (Lebensraum), the American regime can ensure the support of Americans so long as they provide them with a sufficiently high standard of living by plundering the entire world. The American “New World Order” is an enormous octopus, whose tentacles are sucking the life force out of humankind and nature. Once they are chopped off, America will face an economic and general social crisis that will lead to its collapse. Powerful Americans are well aware of that. Along with the weakening of America’s position in the world, the American regime, under the guise of a “War on Terrorism”, is abolishing basic civil rights in the country and turning it into even more of a police state. There are over 3200 secret agencies in America, with over 850 000 agents. There is a special army with hundreds of thousands of soldiers, equipped with state-of-the-art weapons and ready to kill millions of American citizens. The private prisons are popping up all over the USA…

The true nature of Western “democracy” is shown by the political groups used by the West in pursuing its global interests. In Ukraine, there are the “Banderites”, who are openly proud of their fascist ideology. Through their political instrumentalisation, the West reveals the true nature of the “democracy” they are trying to install in Ukraine. The monstrous crimes of the “Maidanians” in Odessa and other parts of Ukraine, supported by the West, show that, in essence, there is no difference between Hitler’s and the contemporary “Thrust to the East” (Drang nach Osten). The destruction of the Slavs, which above all means the Russian people, and the occupation of their living space, is the basic and blatant goal of the West. That is why their loyalty to America is primarily expressed in their animosity towards Russia. Those who refuse to turn against the Russian people are proclaimed traitors and must be annihilated. Under the leadership of Slobodan Milosevic, Serbia refused to become Russia’s enemy and was therefore destroyed by sanctions and merciless bombing, with President Milosevic being kidnapped by Serbian traitors (paid by America) and murdered in The Hague.

As far as the American “help” to the Albanians in Kosovo is concerned, the Americans “rescued” the Albanians from the Serbs by bombarding Kosovo with over 30 000 depleted-uranium projectiles – a destructive force equal to 450 times that of the atomic bombs dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Thousands of Albanians and their children (along with Serbs and their children) died of leukemia and other diseases caused by the American bombing. Other parts of Serbia are also polluted by leftover radioactivity and carpeted with unexploded fragmentation bombs. However, the Russian people did not let Serbia down. President Putin sent special troops to Serbia and, while the Americans were dropping bombs and killing the Serbian people, the Russians were removing the bombs and saving their lives!

What can Russia expect from the European Union? The ruling European political circles equate Europe with the “European Union” in the same way the Nazi ideologues declared Europe to be under a “New European Order”. It is exactly those who claim Europe is a community of equal nations and who insist on its emancipating heritage, who are acting as the bitterest enemies of the “European Union” by turning it into a vehicle for the largest European corporations to destroy the emancipating heritage of the European nations. The so-called “European Union” is being built upon the delusion that by joining the “Union” all European nations would be assured “prosperity and a better life”. It should be remembered here that the main goal proclaimed by the Nazi’s “New European Order” was to make “all European nations happy”! The “European Union” is an anti-human and destructive order based upon the ruling principles of monopoly capitalism, “Big fish devour small fish!” and “Money does not stink!”; its ruling political sphere does not provide opportunity for the expression of citizens’ political will, but represents a political form of the domination of capital over people; the entire institutional, normative and propaganda aspects of that order are directed at the destruction of the cultural and libertarian self-consciousness of the people and towards their integration into a spiritual orbit of capitalism at the level of a ‘idiotized’ laborer-consumer “mass”.

The “European Union” is not a “democratic community of nations”, but a form of integration of the European multinational corporations in their fight against the American corporations – which use the American state as a vehicle for the achievement of their goals at the global level. The “European Union” is not based upon the emancipating traditions of European nations, but upon the imperialist traditions of European capitalism. It is not a humanistic goal but a means by which the most powerful capitalist corporations achieve, through economic and political “measures”, the very same ends that Hitler was expected to achieve for German capital – but through militarism. It is a transitional phase in “European development” that leads towards the creation of a new (ecocidal) fascist order. Appropriately, this violent, capitalistically established “integration of European nations” causes nationalism and racism to thrive as a response to people’s being denied their basic human and civil rights – which is a prelude to new, increasingly dramatic clashes that will develop based on the inherent logic of monopoly capitalism, and also based on an increasingly contaminated natural environment and on the biological degradation of these European nations. This ecocidal capitalist terrorism unavoidably inspires a nationalism that is no longer based on the struggle to obtain and hold a job or to achieve and maintain a decent standard of living, but on the struggle for mere survival. It becomes more and more obvious that with “the uniting of Europe”, instead of engendering optimism and an atmosphere of tolerance, which would correspond to the “humanist ideals” exalted by politicians, it is the citizens’ fear of the future and their intolerance that are growing. “Humanist speeches” cannot conceal the growing crime, unemployment, dissolution of the “welfare state” and its inherent social protections, devastation of environment, drug abuse, violence, suicide, fanaticism, the flourishing of Satanist sects and of fascism, the breaking up of the family, the growing number of orphaned or abandoned children, human-trafficking, especially of children, for sexual abuse or organ “harvesting” (in England, alone, more than 40,000 children “disappear” annually), the spreading of AIDS and other diseases that decimate the poor, loneliness that has achieved epidemic dimensions…

A “United Europe” generates racism, similar to that existing in the USA. Eastern European and Balkan nations are developing a reputation as “nations without culture”, which suggests they are “lesser creatures”. The languages spoken by the Gastarbeiter (“Guest Worker”) population are not being perceived as part of the European cultural heritage, but have become a motive for discrimination. In what has become a mass phenomenon, migrant laborers keep their children from learning their own mother tongues in order to mask their origins and avoid humiliation. Bearing in mind that an insignificant number of children of migrant laborers achieve a college or university education, it becomes clear that depriving them of their mother tongues amounts to the obliteration of their cultural being, which condemns them to being part of the “dirty labor force” – to perform the hardest and most dangerous jobs. Within the “European Union” one can clearly discern the racist pyramid of power based upon economic, political and military supremacy: Germany, France and England are on the top; Italy, Spain, the Netherlands, Belgium… are below them. The Balkan peoples are located at the very bottom of the pyramid. In the “United Europe”, the place reserved for them is the same one African-Americans occupy in the United States of America. On the “road towards Europe”, the Balkan nations will lose their own historical (cultural) self-consciousness, along with their libertarian dignity, in order to become a labor force of garbage collectors labor force, while the Balkans will become the septic tank of Europe. The Balkan nations are ordered to renounce those libertarian myths that are the basis of their historical and libertarian self-consciousness, while, at the same time, they are expected to cling to the myth of “Europe” as a “community of free nations”: libertarian myths are being replaced by colonial ones. The “uniting of Europe” in accordance with the American model, a model based upon the private interests of multinational corporations and their struggle for supremacy, leads towards the extinction of “nationalism”, which translates into the nullification of the cultural heritage of European nations along with their right to make sovereign political decisions. The USA is populated by the dregs of European and other nations degenerated by the “American Way of Life” and the Coca Cola “culture”. In Europe, we think of historical nations as being those who associate their national, civil and cultural identities with their own countries, their own native homelands, and the freedom for which their ancestors fought. This country is their vital and spiritual birthplace and the source of their human self-image.

“European identity” cannot be built on a formal set of principles (such as a constitution), but must be based on a libertarian tradition and on the cultural heritage of European nations. Europeans must be judicious and resolute, must defy the ongoing destruction of cultural heritage and even of life in general; they should, through political struggle, turn the objectively accumulated potential for creation of a new world based on reason and freedom into a realistic potential for liberation. Europe should become a garden where the flowers of all European cultures flourish together. It is of no importance which flower is “bigger”, but that each of them gives forth its own particular scent. It is about the implementation of the leading ideas of the French Revolution, ideas that are not only humanistic, but have become basic existential principles. Only based upon a struggle for the new world can the emancipating legacy of the European nations be achieved. Europe will overcome the growing social crisis by creating a new world – or it will collapse. For the European nations, acceptance of the “American way of life” is suicide.

The current propaganda machinery in the West created a myth that Europe and America are “friends”. Spying and eavesdropping on European citizens by the Americans has reached such monstrous proportions that very few people still cherish the illusion that America is a “friend” of Europe’s. Considering the fact that America wants to use Europe as a launching pad to attack Russia, America is clearly Europe’s deadly enemy. The increasing popularity of President Putin in Europe is primarily based on the increasing number of Europeans who have come to realize that Europe cannot get rid of American tyranny unless it relies on Russia. It is therefore not surprising that a majority of Germans support President Putin’s policies towards Ukraine.

The conflict between the West and Russia over Ukrainian territory is not just of a military and economic nature. It is, at the same time, a conflict between two concepts of the world, two concepts of nature, humankind, social relations, the future… American domestic and foreign policies are based on the interests of the largest capitalist corporations. Their aim is to destroy the institutions that restrict their expansion and to create an “international order” based on the ruling principles of monopoly capitalism: “Big fish devour small fish!” and “Destroy the competition!”. We are, actually, dealing here with a “globalism” that seeks to destroy nations and turn them into a worker-consumer horde, with their living space and national histories becoming the objects of economic exploitation and ecological devastation. The biggest capitalist corporations are destroying nation states in order to eliminate any forces capable of restricting their power. In that context, they are introducing the concept of “regionalization” to try and break up the existing states and create capitalist protectorates that will not be capable of opposing the totalitarian domination of the most powerful capitalist groups. The “regionalization” amounts to a “feudalization” of the existing states. Instead of allowing the citizens to have a say in their politics, the “development of democracy” has had the opposite effect: through economic, political, scientific, technical, media, pharmaceutical, military and other means, fewer and fewer capitalists have more and more opportunities to establish unchallenged power over the people – who are thus reduced to the abstract status of “citizens of the world” – and to become the masters over life and death. People are left with one resort: a futile struggle, at regional and local levels, to ameliorate the consequences of the criminal practices of the most powerful capitalist corporations. In view of this “regionalization”, the fatal effects of attempting to disintegrate existing states become obvious. In order to prevent humanity from uniting its efforts for the preservation of global life, the most powerful capitalist concerns are creating separatist hot-spots and, thus, provoking conflicts between national, ethnic and religious groups, which further weakens the global anti-capitalist front and humanity’s struggle for survival. Here it should be added that, along with capitalist corporations, a capitalistically conditioned life-style has also become a totalizing power that destroys national cultures and characteristics, turning entire nations into “idiotized” working-consuming “masses” and the world itself into a capitalist concentration camp. Even those people who are not under the immediate control of the West, but who have accepted the “consumer” way of life, are losing their cultural identity and are being absorbed into the “Coca-Cola culture”, the most authentic manifestation of globalist “idiotism”.

It is no accident that Putin’s efforts to preserve the humanist heritage of Orthodox Christianity and make it one of the most important spiritual pillars of Russian society met with such harsh reactions from anti-Russian politicians in the West. It is, actually, an attempt to prevent the fatal impact of the “consumer” and “technological” cultures on social development and to restore traditional values, which for the Russian people was the principal unifying factor even in the most difficult of its historical periods. At the same time, the struggle for the nation’s survival and emancipation involves a struggle to preserve the emancipatory heritage of civil society and national culture, the ancient spiritual legacy, the Renaissance, the Enlightenment, the French Revolution, classical German philosophy and Marx, the philanthropic movement, workers’ struggle for a just society and the October Revolution, anti-colonial and anti-fascist struggles, as well as the struggle for women’s liberation…

Why did the Russian law meant to prevent homosexual propaganda among young people meet with such harsh criticism in the West? Contemporary capitalism is destroying “traditional humankind” and thus the family and the genders. The ruling Western regimes are not capable of stopping the biological demise of the European nations. Fear of the possibility of disappearance is increasing. In Russia, there is a widespread awareness that a struggle to preserve the family and, thus, the biological continuation of society is the corner stone of the nation’s survival. Instead of “Homosexual rights”, Russia attaches primary importance to the right of children to have parents and a happy childhood. The struggle to preserve the family and the nation’s biological survival is one of the reasons for increased support of Russia by Western “traditionalists”.

As a military power, Russia is the biggest obstacle to the West in its attempt to destroy billions of “surplus” people on the planet. The ever-more intensive destruction of life leads towards a radicalization of their genocidal politics: destruction of an increasingly large number of people becomes a precondition for the survival of an ever-smaller number of people. Within that context a theory of the “golden billion” has been established which represents a strategic landmark for the political practice of the most developed capitalist countries. This ecocidal capitalist craze generates a growing fear for survival and, consequently, because of this fear, establishes conditions for the radicalization of political decisions and political action. The use of nuclear and neutron bombs, artificial viruses and other lethal means become a legitimate “defense” tool. In almost all reports produced by Western “experts”, “overpopulation” of the planet is “the greatest threat to the survival of mankind”. Fear for survival is being redirected towards those nations of the world that “procreate excessively”, thus jeopardizing the survival of all. The solution is being imposed by itself: the destruction of billions of the “superfluous” is essential for the survival of mankind. Those who unsparingly destroy nature and exterminate peoples become “saviors of mankind”. The West has ample experience with destruction of nations: the extermination of the North American Indians by American capitalism, and the Chinese and the Australian Aborigines by British imperialism – show the Western “traditions” of eliminating the “surplus” of humanity. At the same time, based on the American “New World Order”, “globalism” has provided the conditions for establishing new “national-genocide” plutocracies tasked with destroying their own “excessive population”, by the application of economic and other measures. The further development of capitalism will be paid for by billions of innocent people, by a growing number of wildlife species that are facing extinction, by the entire living world… Eventually, it all serves to enable several million of the mentally degenerated “rich” to continue “enjoying” the material wealth created for them out of ashes and blood, a tolerance for which is being provided by the use of police, mafia and military tyranny, and the illusions created by the entertainment industry. The fanatics of capitalism are the worst sorts of terrorists: they are destroying life on Earth.

Considering the extent of the devastation of the natural environment, it is no wonder that more and more people in the West see the vast Russian expanses as essential to humankind’s survival. Eurasian territory contains 75% of the world’s natural resources. Siberia is the treasury of humankind, and the Russian people, through their clever policies, will preserve Siberia for future generations. The fact that Russia has become the pivot for the struggle against “Monsanto” and other American corporations seeking to destroy organic crops and traditional ways of producing healthy food is of primary importance. Bearing in mind the influence of these corporations on the ruling regime, it is no wonder that the American power elite perceive Russia as their deadliest enemy.

Russia’s returned to its rightful position as a global power capable of influencing the world’s destiny is the most important moment in contemporary history. Just as the victory of the Red Army at Stalingrad and its unstoppable campaign against fascism inspired many nations to fight against colonialism and imperialism, the rise of Russia provides hope that contempory fascism, in the form of the American “New World Order”, will finally meet its demise, and creates a possibility for the integration of all free European and Asian peoples from the Atlantic to Vladivostok.

Translated from Serbian by Vesna Todorović (Petrović)

English translation supervisor Mick Collins


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