The London Olympics. The Death Games


The Olympic Games.
The most important festival of the capitalist world.
“The blue lodge” is full.
The executioners of humankind are getting together.
The Queen is also present.
The British Royal Family…
The bloodiest criminal organization in history.
London is celebrating!
The battle ships, military planes, missiles, police forces, commandos…
The true Olympic surroundings.
Fanfares, marches…
The robots are paraded.
Ave cæsar! Morituri te salutant!
The Queen is waving.
The Queen is laughing.
The Queen is yawning.
“The doves of peace” are disappearing in the darkness of a poisoned sky.
Those are The Olympic Games, dummy!
All must be happy!
“Sport is the cheapest spiritual food for the working masses –
keeping them under control.”
Good old Coubertin.
He knew how sport could rule the people.
The Olympic Games.
They were “The Festival of Youth”.
Today, they are The Festival of Death.
The Queen fell asleep.
Let her.
Let her fall into the endless dream.
Along with Blair, Bush, Clinton, Sarkozy, Obama…
Along with all capitalist criminals.
Sleep! – you Olympic Angels.
Sleep! – you Olympic Bastards.
And never wake up.

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