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America is the backbone of world capitalism and the most important source of its life force. At the same time, America is the guardian angel of capitalism. That is the main reason why the gazes of the fanatics of capitalism are directed towards America everywhere in the world. In the contemporary world, America has the same role that Nazi Germany had in Europe after the great economic crisis of capitalism in 1929. America is the most reliable defender of world capitalism from political movements that strive to create a new world. In the light of America’s role as the driving force in the development of capitalism and as the supreme guardian of world capitalism, the monstrous crimes on which American fascism is based have acquired marginal significance.

Here we can talk about a historical analogy. The deeper the crisis of capitalism, its admirers are ready to accept even the worst crimes if they contribute to the survival of the ruling order. This is what enabled the rise of fascism. The European aristocracy, Christian churches, capitalists and the bourgeoisie were delighted with Hitler. They saw a “knight on a white horse” in the monstrous criminal, who did not hide his desire to exterminate entire nations, who is able to deal with the European labor movement and eradicate the “communist plague”.

Hitler was celebrated as a “genius” in the West. The 1936 Berlin Olympics indicate that Hitler had the unreserved support of leading Western political circles. They all came to Nazi Germany, which was full of concentration camps where workers’ tribunes and members of the “lower races” were tortured and killed, to pay homage to the “genius Führer”. At the same time, it was support for the Aryan “superior race” to move to the East and exterminate the Slavs.

Here is how Pierre de Coubertin, the official founder of the modern Olympic Games and a “great humanist”, responded to a French journalist who dared to criticize the Berlin Olympics: “The Games are perverted? The Olympic idea is sacrificed to propaganda? That is utterly untrue. The magnificent success of the Berlin Games perfectly served the Olympic idea. Only the French, or almost only the French, are playing Cassandra…”. And further: “The fact that the Games of 1936 are illuminated by Hitlerian strength and discipline causes anxiety in France. How could it be otherwise? On the contrary, we should wish that the Games would always be so fortunately organized, that every nation takes part in their preparation during the four years”.

And here is what Martin Heidegger, one of the greatest authorities in the intellectual circles of modern Germany and Europe, wrote to his brother Fritz about Hitler in December of 1931: “It seems that Germany woke up and understood and accepted its destiny. (……) No smart man can deny that this man has a special and certain political instinct and that he had it even when we were all still in the fog. Other forces will join the National Socialist movement in the future. It is no longer about narrow-minded party policy – but about the preservation or collapse of Europe and Western culture. He, who still does not understand that, deserves to perish in chaos”. In Heidegger’s philosophy, we can discern a political doctrine underlying the Catholic and fascist vision of the future. It is an “industrial feudalism”, which involves the abolishment of man as an emancipated citizen and thus as a political agent in the establishment of society as a political community; reduction of the state to an instrument of the most powerful capitalist groups in their attempt to establish “social peace”; the abolishment of trade unions and the degradation of workers to industrial serfs and the exaltation of capitalists to feudal masters; the abolishment of a class society by replacing it with a “folk community”; the establishment of a totalitarian political will embodied in a “Leader” and in the ruling order… “Ein Volk – ein Führer!” – this is the political essence of Heidegger’s fundamental ontology. It is explicitly expressed in Heidegger’s view from 1933, that “the Führer alone is the present and future German reality and the law”. Hitler becomes an anthropological manifestation of “being.”

It is a notorious lie that the Germans did not know about the concentration camps and the crimes committed by the SS men and German soldiers. The overwhelming majority of Germans were delighted with Hitler because he did not hesitate to commit the worst crimes to create a “Greater Germany”. “Determination” was a sacred word spoken with enthusiasm by German petty bourgeoisie praising Hitler’s policies. They saw an earthly “deity” in Hitler, who was able to conquer the world and make their dreams come true.

Fascism is one of the political forms in which capitalism manifests itself. It is the clenched fist of capitalism in crisis. Fascism is an ideology of class society and bourgeoisie that has renounced the emancipatory heritage of civil society. Fascism is a militant form of struggle of the capitalists and the bourgeoisie to preserve capitalism. It implies a ruthless confrontation with political movements that can create a new world. When private ownership of the means of production is an absolute principle, then even the worst crimes that enable the survival of capitalism are justified.

Just as the concrete nature of German capitalism conditioned the nature of German fascism, so the concrete nature of American capitalism conditions the nature of American fascism. The specificity of American fascism is that it is the embodiment of the destructive spirit of American capitalism. Destruction, which has a technical form, has become not only a totalitarian political, but also a totalitarian life principle. It has become a fatal power that directly determines the social life and nature of man. At the same time, the globalist and imperialist character of American capitalism directly conditions the nature of American fascism.

The economic expansion of American capitalism, which has a profitable character, is the basis of its destructive power. This is what gives a life force to American fascism. The ability of American capitalism to create the technical and biological means by which humanity can be destroyed gives a special dimension to American fascism. It transcends the Nazi genocidal theory and practice. American fascism does not strive to destroy only individual nations, but billions of people who represent the “surplus” of humanity. It is guided by the principle that the destruction of an increasing number of people is a basic precondition for the survival of fewer and fewer people.

The expansion of American capitalism leads to the increasingly intensive destruction of life on Earth – which corresponds to the illusion that the future of humanity is not on Earth, but in outer space. American capitalism destroys the living world and man as a living and humane being by producing artificial food, artificial animals, artificial organs, artificial blood, artificial intelligence… The most dramatic truth is: capitalism can survive the death of man as a human and biological being. For capitalism a “traditional man” is merely a temporary means of its own reproduction. “Consumer-man” represents a transitional phase in the capitalism-caused process of mutation of man towards the “highest” form of capitalistic man: a robot-man. “Terminators” and other robotized freaks which are products of the Hollywood entertainment industry which creates a “vision of the future” degenerated in a capitalist manner, incarnate creative powers, alienated from man, which become vehicles for destruction of man and life. A new “super race” of robotized humanoids is being created, which should clash with “traditional mankind”, meaning with people capable of loving, thinking, daydreaming, fighting for freedom and survival – and impose their rule over the Earth. Instead of a new world, a “new man” is being created – who has been reduced to a level of humanity which cannot jeopardize the ruling order. The name that Elon Musk, one of the most important representatives of the American “new world order”, gave to his son (X AE A-12) symbolically indicates the nature of the world created by American fascism.

If we keep in mind the criteria by which fascism is determined, which were reached by Herbert Marcuse, the USA is a fascist country par excellence. One of the most important indicators of fascism is that state institutions have become a tool of the ruling capitalist clans to pursue their interests. In the United States, the most powerful capitalist corporations systematically devalue state institutions that can be a barrier to their expansion. The ruling principle of capitalism “Destroy the competition!” does not only imply the struggle between capitalist corporations for domination and survival, but their joint struggle for control of state institutions and society. American fascism is based on the complete corruption of the executive, judiciary and legislative power by bankers and the most powerful capitalist concerns. The army, police and secret services are in their hands. At the same time, capitalists use the “services” of the mafia and other criminal groups to deal with workers’ rights activists and left-wing groups fighting for a new world. In addition, they serve to criminalize the “colored” working youth from the poor neighborhoods of large cities and thus depoliticize them and integrate them into the ruling order.

American “democracy” is a political form of the domination of capital over people. The two-party system creates the impression of democracy. In fact, it is only a manifestation of totalitarian capitalist single-mindedness. The entire American political system is a farce that has a circus character. The attitude of the American authorities towards Assange, Snowden and Manning indicates the true nature of American fascism. They are on the hit list because they have exposed the totalitarian nature of American “democracy”. Given the methods and extent of spying on American citizens by the American police and secret services, Nazi totalitarianism looks like child’s play. At the same time, the “American way of life” itself transforms the rights of man and citizen, guaranteed by the constitution and laws, into formal rights. The right to life, to work, to health… everything is conditioned by a way of life based on the ruthless processes of capitalist reproduction. “Money doesn’t stink!” is an undisputed principle that governs in real life and it devalues all other principles.

What gives life to fascism is the expansionist nature of capitalism. Without expansion, capitalism is doomed. Anything that enables expansion and thus the survival of capitalism is welcome. In times of crisis, fascism is a drawn sword with which capitalism removes the obstacles that stand in its way. As the crisis of capitalism became permanent and increasingly dramatically calls into question the possibility of the expansion of capitalism – fascism became an organic part of American politics. In that context, capitalistically degenerated life itself has become terror against man and nature. That is the essence of “consumer society”. Contemporary capitalism does not only have a totalitarian political, but also a totalitarian destructive character. It is based on the fact that, from the results of destruction of the world, it creates a source of profit. The destruction of life on Earth is becoming the most important means of capitalist expansion. Unlike German fascism, which had a genocidal nature, American fascism does not only have a genocidal but also an ecocidal nature. American fascism is based on ecocidal terrorism.

For the Nazis, physical health was the most important characteristic of the Aryans and their racial fanaticism was based on it. American fascism produces sick people, which are then turned into profitable patients. Instead of the “iron body” of the Aryans, American fascism is dominated by the ideal of the consumer body, which implies the physical and mental degeneration of people. As far as biological reproduction is concerned, in Nazi Germany, the birth of healthy offspring was the foundation of the biological strength of the German nation and the basis of its colonial expansion. Nazi propaganda gave the “German mother” a mythological dimension. In the United States, an increasing number of women and men are sterile. The traditional family is disappearing. Children are obtained from a test tube and become goods on the market – like dogs and cats…

Single-mindedness ruled in Nazi Germany. American fascism is based on “pluralism” created by the mass media that has become factory of lies and illusions. The Nazi government tried to prevent the truth from coming out. The American government is guided by the principle that “a lie repeated a hundred times becomes the truth”. Lies become a commodity in the market of “public opinion”. The spectacular form in which lies appear is their advertising packaging. Nazi Germany was ruled by the politicization of the oppressed through Nazi ideology. American fascism is dominated by the depoliticization of the oppressed through the entertainment industry, in which sports show business plays the most important role. Sport has become the supreme religion and the stadium the most important cult venue. German fascism was painted black. American fascism appears in rainbow colors.

German fascism was based on a fanatical nationalist and racist consciousness that had a collectivist character. All Nazi myths (such as the myth of Siegfried and the Nibelungs) are based on the creation of a “collective unconscious” (Jung) as the basis of national and racial integration. American fascism is based on atomized people. Everyone is obsessed with their existence. There is a ruthless struggle for survival in life. One does not see a friend in another man, but a mortal enemy. “Don’t trust anyone!” becomes the supreme principle of life.

The main integrative force of American fascism is not history, tradition, culture, national and religious self-awareness … but business. America is a labor camp run by a modern slave-owning “elite” that appears in the form of bankers and company owners. American citizens live between illusions and reality. The dream of “wealth” brought them to America, and the struggle for survival became their life reality. The fear of ending up in a muddy ditch by the road is the main motive of life. The ruling propaganda machinery seeks to suppress the fear of losing a job, of falling into debt bondage, of criminal gangs, of kidnapping children… by creating the pernicious illusion that wealth is at everyone’s fingertips and that one only needs to be “lucky” – and all dreams will come true overnight.

The specificity of American fascism is that it is based on the worst crimes committed in the modern age. American capitalists have killed nearly 100 million North American natives. It is the greatest genocide in the history of mankind. At the same time, a slave-owning order was established in the United States that killed tens of millions of Africans. Also, the American capitalists have seized California, Texas, New Mexico and other parts of the territory from Mexico… The development of American capitalism was paid for by the lives of millions of immigrants from Europe and the world who were heartlessly exploited, as well as millions of children who worked in the factories and mines of the “new world”. That is true American history.

It is almost unknown that the United States was the first in the world to establish concentration camps – during the Civil War (1861-1865). There was silence about that for 130 years, and only at the end of the 20th century did the information about the camps begin to appear. The first concentration camps were created by northerners (“Rock Island” and “Fort Williams”). A few months later, the southerners set up their concentration camp “Andersonville”. According to available data, about 400,000 people (194,000 northerners and 216,000 southerners) passed through these camps, of which about 56,000 were killed in various ways. The prisoners were starved and punished by being beaten, tortured and raped. The sick were not treated. The corpses of the dead and killed were thrown into the swamp. The Spaniards followed the Americans. They set up concentration camps in Cuba in 1895 during the war against the Cuban Liberation Movement. The British set up concentration camps in South Africa during the war with the Boers. Concentration camps in Germany were established in 1933 when the Nazis came to power.

The American FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) was established on April 1st, 1979, according to the executive order (number 12127) of the American President Jimmy Carter. Over time, it gained more and more powers and more and more money. Over time, the agency gained special significance after the “terrorist attack” on New York and Washington on September 11th, 2001. It is estimated that there are over 800 FEMA camps in the United States. The question is what is the real purpose of these “collection centers”? Official propaganda claims that FEMA camps represent necessary accommodation for American citizens in the event of possible terrorist nuclear attacks on major American cities, viral pandemics, a state of war, civil war… FEMA was given almost unlimited powers. It can control the army and police in emergency situations, as well as evacuations and accommodation of the population.

September 11th was the trigger for the adoption of the “Patriot Act” which abolished or drastically limited the freedoms and rights of American citizens guaranteed by the constitution and laws, all under the pretext of “fighting terrorism”. Has there been a coup d’etat in America after the September 11th and the enactment of the “Patriot Act”, and have all the key levers of power passed into the hands of the military and intelligence services? Have the United States become a military-police state after the September 11th? At the same time, September 11th was the trigger for launching the American “crusade against terrorism”, which is based on “preventive” US military interventions in “disobedient” countries, such as Afghanistan, Sudan, Iraq, Libya… It soon became clear that the American “fight against terrorism” was reduced to criminal military actions aimed at realizing the geostrategic interests of the United States, as well as the economic interests of the most powerful American corporations.

The demolition of the “Twin Towers” and the third building in New York, as well as the “attack” on the Pentagon – are not the consequences of a “conspiracy”, but the way in which American fascism works. German fascism functioned in the same way. The burning of the Reichstag (February 27th, 1933) by the Nazis, in order to establish unlimited terror against anti-fascists and Jews, fully corresponds to the terrorist policy of the fascist oligarchy in America, which organized and implemented the September 11th.

Fifty million plastic chests housed within the extensive network of FEMA camps justifiably arouse suspicion among American citizens to whom authorities have failed to destroy intelligence and libertarian dignity. Many see an announcement for the liquidation of millions of opponents of American fascism in the FEMA camps. The trigger could be the establishment of a “state of emergency” (“Martial Law”) when the army would directly take power in the cities of the United States and use the resulting chaos to liquidate opponents of the regime. FEMA camps would become death camps.

When it comes to American “globalism”, the Canadian Center for Research on Globalization announced that the United States has killed more than 20 million people in 37 countries since World War II. The American army killed almost 15 million people in Korea, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Iraq… American fascists are responsible for the deaths of over 10 million people in Afghanistan, Angola, Congo, East Timor, Guatemala, Indonesia, Pakistan, Serbia, Sudan… The German magazine “Der Spiegel” announced (on March 19th, 2019) that the Americans dropped 288 million bombs on Laos alone from 1964 to 1972!

What the true nature of American fascism is can best be understood when one considers what the American capitalist oligarchy planned to do after World War II. According to a document from the American archives, referred to by “Der Spiegel“, the American fascist leadership intended to drop 91 atomic bombs (twice the destructive power of the bombs dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki) on East Berlin, 145 atomic bombs on Leningrad, as well as hundreds of atomic bombs on other major cities of Eastern Europe and the USSR. The goal of the bombing was to “destroy the population”! According to the German historian Hermann Plopa, the Americans created an army of 100,000 former SS men in post-war West Germany, who they intended to send to the bombed areas to destroy any resistance to the occupier. The American fascists did not dare to realize their monstrous plans because the Soviet Union managed to produce first atomic and then hydrogen bombs in time, as well as missile systems and bombers with which it was able to carry out a nuclear counterattack on the United States.

It was similar in the Far East. The American fascists delivered a hundred atomic bombs to the island of Guam, which they wanted to drop on the coastal cities of the People’s Republic of China, in the early fifties. They planned to kill over 50 million Chinese. These plans of the American fascists were also thwarted by the USSR. Stalin sent hundreds of MIG 15 E planes to the Far East – which was the best fighter plane of that time. In just two engagements, Soviet pilots shot down 33 American B29 bombers. It was a real disaster for the Americans. The American fascist elite, led by Truman, declared a day of mourning. American atomic bombs remained in Guam.

These are all “details” that are almost unknown to the world public. They point to the true nature of the United States and what lies behind the spectacular stories of the “free world”. The American propaganda machinery, with the help of capitalist fanatics from around the world, is doing the same thing that Hitler’s propaganda machinery did. It conceals what is happening in the American military industry, which is the backbone of American fascism and which is ready to destroy the world. “Conspiracy theorists” contribute to this, for whom it is not fascism when American bombers destroy entire cities with carpet bombs and kill millions of people, but it is “fascism” when a group of dissatisfied citizens breaks the glass on the door of the American Congress and breaks into its premises.

American sports show-business is based on the principle “The audience loves the smell of blood!“. Why do Americans like the smell of blood? Why do Americans own over 400 million state-of-the-art weapons and why are they still arming themselves? Why are there more people killed on the streets of America every year, than American soldiers who died in Vietnam? Why do over 5 million children live on the streets in America? Why do hundreds of thousands of children and young girls disappear in America every year? Why do tens of millions of Americans take drugs regularly? Why are over 100 million people mentally disturbed in America? Why are over 120 million people in America pathologically obese? Why are over 100 million people in America unable to use the official language? Why are there over 100,000 registered criminal gangs in America, some of which have tens of thousands of members? Why do a few dozen capitalists in America possess greater wealth than the overwhelming majority of the population? Why are there over 3,200 secret services in America that unobstructedly terrorize citizens? Why don’t over 60 million people in America have basic health insurance? Why is racism flourishing in America? Why do police officers kill black people and black children with impunity in America?… These are just some of the questions that are not asked in the “democratic” public of the West, because they open the Pandora’s box of American fascism.

Francis Fukuyama’s book “The End of History and the Last Man” has a symbolic character. It is not an advertisement of American capitalism, but its defense. Fukuyama defends American fascism by abolishing everything that has been created in history that provides an opportunity to step out of capitalism and create a humane world. This is not the “end of history”, but the nullifying of history. History is confirmed by the creation of the future, which means the realization of emancipatory potentials that have been created in the historical development of mankind. Having become a totalitarian order of destruction, capitalism stops history by destroying nature and man. “The end of history” in the version of American ecocidal fascism implies the destruction of life on Earth.

The revolution, as the transformation of potential into real possibilities of human liberation, represents an authentic historical time. It is the defense of life on Earth in the most immediate form and the creation of a new world through the life-creating activism of man as a libertarian, social and visionary being. In that context, the idea of “permanent revolution” gains real meaning, which implies that life itself has become a constant creation of a new world, which means that life itself has become the realization of life-creating potentials of man. That is the essence of man’s becoming a human being in the contemporary world. The life-creating quality, which is based on combative sociability, is the most important way in which the world gets rid of ecocidal capitalist terror, which is based on the fact that every part of the planet, as well as man and interpersonal relations, must become a means of capitalist reproduction. It is about the abolition of temporalization as a process alienated from man, which rules over man and which has a metaphysical character. Destructive capitalist time should be abolished by humane life-creating time.

By becoming a totalitarian destructive order, capitalism has led to humanity having only one existential alternative: to destroy capitalism and create a world based on a rational relationship with nature and in which the development of interpersonal relations will be the most important criterion for determining social progress.

Translated from Serbian by Vanja Zakanji

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