Who was beaten by our basketball players?


Another “World Championship” (2014, Spain) is over. Our athletes achieved another “great success”. Another “spectacular welcoming party for our champions” was staged. We experienced one more gush of euphoria…

What indeed happened? Who indeed are the actual winners and who are the losers?

Our ‘‘opponents’‘ are not the black children from the American ghettoes; nor the Brazilian youth who fled the muddy favelas; nor the Algerian boys from poor communities in French towns… They are but a decoy on which we can ‘‘sharpen our teeth’‘ and get relief from our own misery. The victories of ‘‘our’‘ gladiators and circus players on the sports grounds serve to compensate for our everyday defeats.

Sports shows are nothing but a spectacular sham.

The oppressed working ‘‘masses’‘ got another illusion, another bone to chew on, whereas those who rule and plunder bought themselves time to continue their criminal activities in the shadow of sports spectacles. The real winners are the capitalists, corrupted and alienated politicians, mafia gangs who hold a grip on sport… Athletes are paid by those who rob workers of their money, by those who are our masters…

To claim that victories of our athletes at international sports competitions boost the morale of our people is utter nonsense. Victories at sports competitions have never incited the oppressed to fight for their human and civil rights. On the contrary: victories at sports fields only served to strengthen the position of the ruling class. This is the main reason why global rulers are so interested in increasing the number of increasingly bloody sports spectacles. The dissatisfaction of the oppressed working layers is thereby diverted and workers and their children are turned into a depoliticised ‘‘crowd’‘. It should be pointed out that the stadium was created in the second half of 19th century in England, when the workers won the 8 hour working day and their non-working time had to be ‘‘colonized’‘ in order to prevent them from becoming class-conscious and from fighting for their workers’‘ and human rights.

When the dazzling dust of the ‘‘victorious’‘ euphoria settles down, people will face the true results of the ‘‘great sports victory’‘: the few remaining bookshops will be closed and new betting shops opened, whose toxic stench is rotting our young generation; basking in the ‘‘sporting glory’‘ and carried away by dreams of ‘‘big money’‘ an increasing number of young people will discard the book and ruin themselves at the sports grounds; instead of schools and theatres, new, ever more spacious stadiums and sports centres will be built – for an increasing number of impoverished people…

Over one fourth of Serbian population is illiterate and almost a half has only primary education. The sad truth is that ‘‘our intelligentsia’‘ is not bothered by the fact that the entire Serbian culture receives less money from the state than a ‘‘better’‘ basketball or football player receives for a contract – the money that will not be taxed!

Instead of fighting against fake ‘‘opponents’‘ on sports fields, we should fight against our real opponents. Those opponents are capitalist gangs and politicians who are ruining our country; who have sold Kosovo; who are paving the way for secession of other parts of our territory; who are pushing us into the European Union and NATO; who allow American capitalists to spray us like insects and contaminate our soil and water; who are ruining the family, culture, our libertarian dignity; who are trying to reduce our Mother-Serbia to a submissive whore of capitalist clans who govern Europe and America…

They are our true opponents and they are the ones we should fight against!

Translated from Serbian by Vesna Petrović (Todorović)


Novak Djokovic’s Blood Money


Serbia is facing collapse and the Serbian population is vanishing… Criminal gangs are robbing our people of factories, mines, soil, water… The police are beating workers… The army lacks boats and lighting equipment… Billions of euros are transferred on an annual basis to private accounts abroad… The final act of amputating Kosovo is under way… Third-rate politicians from the West come to Belgrade only to impose ultimatums… A vast majority of young people wants to leave the country… But who really cares? Judging from newspaper reports and TV programs: nobody. The paramount concern is if tennis star Novak Djokovic won and how much he “earned’”.

In August of this year (2014), the “Novak Djokovic Foundation” invested a couple hundred thousand in refurbishing kindergartens and nursery schools. Another “humane” action of “our great champion” that was met with widespread public support. What is the hidden agenda behind these “humanitarian” acts?

Our “top” athletes, led by Djokovic and Divac, practice a method that has long been used by the plundering “elite” in the West: they use the plight of working people who have been deprived of their rights to create the illusion of being “benefictors” and to burnish their public images. No man with self-respect would take advantage of the plight of others for his own self-promotion. He who really wants to help, does good without ostentation.

In 2013 alone, Novak Djokovic “earned” over 27 million USD either from tournaments or endorsements. There is no record that, as a Serbian citizen, he has paid any taxes in his own country. How much do Novak Djokovic and other “top” athletes, coaches and sports managers owe to our country? Over the years it must amount to hundreds of millions of dollars and euros.

What is our country doing? Why are tax-evaders from the world of professional sport above the law? Is it about pleasing the masses or do top athletes systematically bribe politicians, public officials and journalists?

How is it possible that a “top” tennis player can earn over 2 million USD for winning a tournament? In order to earn 2 million USD, a worker with an average salary must work for 500 years! Djokovic and his “colleagues” from the tennis world “earn” this amount for a couple of hours of “playing”. Why are players in the tennis circus paid amounts that workers can only dream of? What social values do they promote? Their actual “work” comes down to hitting a ball back and forth over a tennis net.

The technique of play in sport, instead of being emancipatory, has an entertaining and circus character. It serves to produce a “spectacle” meant to integrate people into the ruling order. Instead of developing genuine human powers, it develops forms of manipulation and destruction of people as cultural and natural beings. By mastering the technique of play, an athlete is in conflict with his spiritual and playing being. The more he improves as a tennis player, the more he is degraded as a human being. He turns into a peculiar specialty-idiot, both in mental and physical terms. By becoming a “tennis star”, a man is alienated from his humanness.

In order to understand the true nature of “top” tennis, we need to look at those who pay the world tennis “elite”. They are, above all, Bill Gates’s “charitable” foundations, “Monsanto”, the largest world banks, “Puma”, “Adidas”, “Coca-Cola” … Djokovic, Nadal, Federer – they are but the clowns for the most powerful capitalist clans and, as such, are the trademarks of contemporary capitalism. They are the stormtroopers of the “new world (American) order” that is annihilating humankind and all life on this planet. ‘Top” athletes belong to the 1% of the titled global “elite”. Yachts, grounds and mansions, exclusive holiday resorts, accommodations in luxury hotels, large sums on their accounts in Western banks…. They are the organic part of the wealthy “elite” that rules the world. Djokovic’s “distinctive quality” is his posing for billboards on buildings and erecting monuments to himself across Serbia!

The increasing amounts paid to tennis players are in direct proportion to the increasing misery of a large number of the world’s workers. “Sport is the cheapest spiritual food for workers – and it keeps them under control!” – this is the golden rule of sport created by Pierre de Coubertin – the official “father” of modern Olympism. Athletes do not exemplify social values; they rather depoliticize the oppressed and thus serve to preserve the current order.

Rather than being the “representatives of their nations”, tennis players are an elite corps for the most powerful capitalist corporations, which use sport to destroy national cultures and national-liberatarian self-consciousness. Sport is the crown of a “mondialistic” worldview, and modern Olympism is the chief and most important mondialistic religion. Tennis players are running billboards for the largest capitalist corporations and are therefore the breeders of a consumer mentality – the driving force of a “consumer society” that increasingly threatens the survival of humanity.

The money “earned” and “donated” by Novak Djokovic is blood money taken by capitalist criminals from workers and used to pay mercenary athletes to “brainwash” the oppressed and turn them into obedient idiots.

To “support” Novak Djokovic and his tennis cohorts actually means to help the executioners of humanity finish their monstrous “work”: to deliver a final blow to the critical-changing mind and annihilate life on this planet.


Translated from Serbian by Vesna Petrović (Todorović)

English translation supervisor Mick Collins


Ljubodrag Simonović – Duci: Rise up, Worker! Save the Planet!


This is interview with Ljubodrag Simonović – Duci on TV Palma Plus broadcasted on 19.03.2011.

Rise up, Worker! Save the Planet!

Link to video on: http://www.youtube.com
You can download this video by folowing this instructions.

Capitalism became ecocidal and genocidal order which is destroying the life on the planet. Capitalist fanatics are the worst terrorists because they are destroying the life on the planet.

Duci also speaks about the Fukoshima nuclear disaster and the irresponsibility of Japanese capitalists, pollution on catastrophic scale, destruction of the environment and life in general, Mexican Gulf oil spill, war in Libya, nuclear waste dumps etc, and the last chance for the people to rise up and become real humane beings and fight against capitalism before the life on the planet is completely destroyed.

Destroy capitalism – save the planet!

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