„Night of the Witches“ – Day of the Idiots

The destruction of the mind is the ultimate consequence of the development of capitalism. This destruction of the human scentience is based on the following “logic” : live to work; work to shop; shop to discard; discard to enable the process of global destruction to proceed smoothly…

Capitalism turns people into “good for nothing” petty-bourgoises. Guided by the illusions created by the capitalist propaganda machinery, people become alienated from the processes that determine their destiny and thus the capitalist villains are able to become masters over their lives.

We are currently in the process of erasing the national and, thereby, historical self-consciousness. The world has turned into a container of “coca-cola” idiocy. “Mass events” destroy the mind and sterilise man’s change-creating energy. Sports stadiums and centers have become the cult venues of the modern world. It is no accident that robotised gladiators and circus players are paid enormous amounts for their performances. Instead of looking to the future, young people are fixated on football or basketball ball or the tennis racket or the blood stained boxer’s fist…

“New” forms of “entertainment” designed for the young appear on a daily basis and instead of drawing on cultural heritige, they are copying the “mass production” in the West aimed at destroying the national identity and creating a mondialistic idiocy. The importance attached by the media to manifestations such as “Halloween” (Night of the Witches) shows the extent to which the “public space” has become the property of the capitalist clans, those seeking to woo the West by destroying our culture and consequently eradicating our people from the historical arena.

The space given by the media to illiterate “prophets” instead of educated and wise people also shows the extent to which the mind is degraded in today’s world. This is the culmination of the development of “democracy”.

I remember a neighbor I once had, Granny Novka, who was a professional medium and an amateur  “Madame”. Her “predictions” turned out to be completely true. She, for example, correctly predicted the death of our friend, Auntie Ruzica and her husband, Uncle Bata. She also foresaw the death of our dog Luci and that the lavatory in her yard was going to collapse. She correctly predicted that she would get a certificate of virginity in spite of being married for 40 years. She foresaw that the local authorities would demolish her house, which in 1804 used to be the home of one of the first schools in Serbia, and that a local grocery would be erected in its place. She was also correct in saying that keeping pigs in the town and washing them on the Ibar river town beach would be banned. She predicted that she would be run over by a truck and that nobody would attend her funeral. And she was correct in that, too…

Today, Granny Novka would stand a good chance of becoming the president of the country. Considering the people in our political arena and the extent to which people have lost any hope of becoming the masters of their own destinies, many of them would look for a guiding star in the illiterate clairvoyant. We are now  “going through a transition,” anyway. What is the end of our journey? Granny Novka would surely know the answer. Once, when she was cross with me, she uttered the words that might become her most relevant prophecy: “You all shall perish!”. If we do not confront the capitalist barbarians, Granny Novka’s words may turn out to be a deadly curse.

“Mondialism” is a global ecocidal and genocidal order with a technocratic character, based on the destruction of nations and national cultures; on the eradication of historical, and thus, libertarian human self-consciousness; on the splitting of countries into “regions” so that the most powerful capitalist concerns can achieve their monstrous goals by bribing the local oligarchs and preventing an organised resistance by the oppressed working people… The true purpose of  “mondialism” is the transformation of the world into the object of exploitation and human beings into the means of a destructive capitalist reproduction. This is also the true purpose of the “non-governmental” organisations. They are an exclusive political instrument of the most powerful capitalist groups in the West meant for the destruction of nations, states and democratic institutions, which enable people to express their political will.

As a reaction to this mondialistic barbarism, we see a rise of national movements based on religious single-mindedness. They are also incapable of offering any meaningful solutions as they are all based on the destructive capitalist mindlessness. They are also led by the “horsemen of the apocalypse”. Both of these ideologies are based on the absolutized principles of private property and class society, and both fight against the emancipatory legacy of civil society and the idea of a future based on a life-creating mind and social justice. The only difference is that one of them promises “gardens of Eden” in the existing world, while the other promises them in heaven.

As far as “belief in God” is concerned, are we talking about the “God” of the Catholic church? Or the “God” referred to by the Nazis and featured on the belt buckles of the German SS divisions? Or the “God” of the Americans, whose fascistoid terror-bombing of Serbian villages and towns was cynically called “Merciful Angel”?

And what about the “omnipotent, omnipresent and merciful God” of the Christian colonists who, in the name of “God”, killed millions of American Indian children and almost obliterated the Indians from the Earth. What was the “omnipresent, omnipotent and merciful God” thinking when the American Christians, in his name, whipped African boys to death, castrated and hanged their fathers and raped their sisters and mothers? What was the “omnipresent, omnipotent and merciful God” doing in Auschwitz when, in his name, the German Christians killed the Jewish children in the gas chambers? What was the “omnipotent, omnipresent and merciful God” doing in Jasenovac, when the Christian Ustasha, in his name, butchered Orthodox Serbian children and gouged out their eyes – and while the children were praying for salvation? What was the “omnipotent, omnipresent and merciful God” doing in Hiroshima and Nagasaki when the American Christians, in his name, killed tens of thousands of children with their atomic bombs? What was the “omnipotent, omnipresent and merciful God” doing in Korea, Vietnam, Panama, Chile, Argentina, Serbia, Iraq, Syria, Lybia …. – where the Americans, in his name, killed millions of children, leaving behind only burnt villages and nuclear battlefields? Why doesn’t the “omnipresent, omnipotent and merciful God” respond to the pleadings of millions of children who are asking him for help, and why doesn’t he deal with the capitalist monsters who, in his name, are slaughtering the weak and destroying the world, which is the “work of God”?

As far as “paradise” is concerned, it does not seem to be such a wonderful place as they would like us to believe. No one can possibly be delighted by a “paradise” inhabited by the likes of Hitler, Musolini, Franco, Horti, Pavelic… If we add to the list millions of murderers who have been granted indulgences by the Christian churches so that they can enter the “gardens of Eden”, very little is left of the enthusiasm with which people refer to that “heaven”. Not to mention the prospect of “eternal life” in the company of murderers, which certainly cannot bring us “blissfulness”.

What are the choices offered to man after his earthly life?  Is it the “hell”, where he will be burning on a ceaseless fire? Or is it “paradise”, filled with monstrous killers? Is there a place in the universe where man can find peace? I wish there were a planet inhabited only by children. By dear, carefree, happy children… If only there were a place where children lived happily without being tortured, starved, raped and killed, I wouldn’t mind going to “hell” and endure the most  brutal torture. Could that place still be our planet Earth?

Translated from Serbian by Vesna Todorović (Petrović)

English translation supervisor Mick Collins


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